Access: A 5-minute walk from Nagoya Station each line [Yanagibashi Food Market] 3F

Course details

Jiro special room limited course All 13 items 10000 yen (excluding tax)

10000 yen

  • 13items
  • 2-8persons
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Please enjoy your meal slowly in a special private room.

Course menu

■ Today's Kimchi · Namuru 7 kinds

■ A5 Grilled handful of sesame seeds with caviar

■ Jiro salad

■ A5 Cow Yukke Tempered Tailoring ~ Winter Truffle Wrapped ~

■ Dry aging salt tongue

■ Superior A5 Chateau Briand Steak cut

■ Matsusaka beef sirloin

■ Nagoya Kochi

■ Kobe beef lean 2 types

■ Specialties! 5 Japanese Wagyu Hormones to eat with salt dull

(Hormone, Mino, Lever, Hatsu, Taetchan)

Seasonal grilled vegetables

■ Chateau Brian Bowls

■ Homemade tiramisu or apricot tofu

2018/02/15 update